We've known of self-proclaimed “edgy, Jew-Talian Tracy Ullman” style comedian/singer Nadya Ginsburg as part of a posse of pals and performers around Los Angeles that includes club king/actor Mario Diaz (Full Frontal, B.F.D), song parody/comedy queen Jackie Beat and burlesque star/reality fave Selene Luna (The Cho Show), but we'd never seen what she could do solo until this past weekend.

After catching her uproarious one woman show, “Nadyalogues” at the Gay & Lesbian Center in Hollywood this past Saturday, we have to say, we heart her like Madonna hearts Kabballah or Britney hearts Mickey D's. In other words, we're gaga for Ginsburg.

From her mirthful original characters such as “Babka” (a Russian bikini waxer and lounge singer) and “Belinda The Vampire” (a guidette vamp/metal chick/cocktail waitress) to her spot-on impersonations of pop divas including Spears, Madonna, and Cher (all of whom are portrayed in Ginsburg and photog Austin Young's video series, The Worm) this girl's got it.

Wigs and makeup help with each transformation, but it's Ginsburg's gift for dialect and diction that truly make her become these fabulous icons. Her Maddy in particular is perfection, meshing the material girl's nasally pitch, subtle English enunciations and melodramatic pauses. She got the vox too, as she showed on Mz. M's imagined soon-to-be hit, “Vaseline the Lense,” also seen in the video below.

Ginsburg's queer following is not surprisingly, huge, so an interpretation of gay idol du jour Lady Gaga, was inevitable. And it's gotten her the most press ever. “Al Roker Face” (first clip), a parody of “Poker Face” all about the Today Show host and weather man has garnered tens of thousands of Youtube views and even scored her an appearance on Today with Big Al himself interviewing.

Check her website for all the giggle-inducing, glam-goddess goodness. Pics from her show –which included choreographed song and dance sequences– in our Nightranger slideshow this Friday.

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