Solar Powered

Global warming sucks, but it has seemed to make for a surplus of sizzling alfresco fetes. Summer is officially over, and yet the outdoor music festivals just keep coming: KROQ’s L.A. Invasion at the Home Depot Center on Sept. 15, Dim Mak’s Neighborhood Music at Exposition Park on Sept. 29, The Swerve Festival at Barnsdall Art Park Sept. 28–30, and the Weekly’s own Detour rocking the streets of downtown Oct. 6. Striking a balance between joyful jubilee and chaotic clusterfuck is a challenge — but after last Sunday’s Summer Strummer at Bergamot Station, we know it can be done. The second annual rock event from Swinghouse Studios and Star 98.7 offered four stages of diverse music, each set up at a nice-enough distance (not too far but not too close) to enjoy the sounds comfortably. Highlights included zingy punk youngsters Orange (who played mostly from their new disc Escape From L.A., produced by the show’s co-organizer, Phil Jaurigui), Supersucker rouser Eddie Spaghetti, catchy pop-rock groovers Tenderbox and Deadbolt (featuring SS’s other organizer, Charlie Overbey). And though there were many tats and skate rats milling about, things never got Warped Tour wild — well, except for maybe in the VIP section (where the likes of BMX-er Rick Thorne and MCs Jeffrey Damnit and Carson Daly hung amid beer-guzzling band dudes and loud DJ-supplied dance beats) and in the petting zoo (yeah, you read right). And hey, if llamas, pigs, goats and turtles can all have feel-good fun together under the sun as music blares, then there’s no excuse for scenesters.

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