With a horde of holiday parties to attend the next few weeks, Nightranger has decided to be more selective with our soiree attendance this year. This means we're only ho-ho-ho-ing it out to the wildest and most creative Christmas jamborees, and hence no-no-no-ing all the ugly–Christmas sweater shindigs, shopping mall tree-lightings and company bashes in general, no matter how cool the co. may be.

Last week, however, was a Wonder-full exception. On Thursday night, World of Wonder's Glow Job bash promised the one and only RuPaul deejaying and performances by some of the glossiest gals from Ru's WOW-produced Logo reality tour de force, RuPaul's Drag Race.

WOW's old art space on Cherokee is now a Bettie Page–themed clothing store, but the production company — known for Drag Race, as well as Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, among other TV gems — is still in the building, which just happens to be adjacent to the space formerly known as Les Deux. A spectacular Lite-Brite–like entryway (enhanced by 3-D glasses for all) led partiers to the patio area, where RuPaul spun disco for gussied-up gaggles grooving on a Saturday Night Fever–style light-up dance floor. We hear the club will reopen this week as a restaurant called Les Deux Estates (backed by the property's landlords, not the Dolce group), and it looks fab, so check it out.

The dance floor was brought in just for the bash, which is a shame, really. During one magical moment, Ru (in DayGlo-wigged boy drag) attacked the floor himself à la Tony Manero, while a dance crew dressed in summer brights (they took the “glow” theme as a dress-code suggestion) pranced around him and guests, including Willam Belli (star of the new “transploitation” film Ticked Off Trannies With Knives); Chaz Bono looked on.


We absolutely cannot wait for the January premiere of Drag Race Season 3, especially since a party-scene pal and one of L.A.'s most indisputably gorgeous ladyboys — also seen at the party — will be in the running. Known primarily as a makeup artist, L.A.'s own Sutan Amrall, aka “Raja Gemini” (a regular onstage and off at clubs like Shits & Giggles, Mustache Mondays, etc.), is, in our humble opinion, the chica to beat this year. Previous seasons' sirens seem to be doing pretty well for themselves, by the way. Sonique from Season 2 just moved to L.A. (and tells us she can currently be seen in the flesh at Dream Girls at Rage), while Miss Tammie Brown from Season 1 is a regular at Hamburger Mary's and will be a special guest this weekend at the Boofant Sisters' “Jesus Christ, It's Christmas Again” show at Casita del Campo. Werk it, gurls!


In keeping with the ornamented outrageousness of WOW's event, it was off to Bring It, Leopold Nunan's new party at M Bar, later Thursday evening. Nunan, best known for last year's Drrrama!!! dance-offs at the Standard Hollywood, was celebrating his birthday for the second time this month (his first was a disco bash at crusty cocktail hut the HMS Bounty). For this awesome dress-to-excess mess, he was joined by vogue king Hector Extravaganza (who celebrated his b-day that night). DJs Lissa Nobre (Brazil), Josh Peace and Eddie X spun, while fabulous hosts Rhea Litre, Alexis Arquette, Billy Burgess, Detox Icunt, Ernie Omega, Rocky Raccoon and others decked their halls, walls and, yes, balls, filling the place with wild wigs and winky wearables. There was even live music courtesy of Leopold & Yahaira, Countre Black and electro duo CiCero. Still, we might have been most entertained by Arquette, who was having an epic yelling match with the valet in M's parking lot when we left, all the while looking uber-foxy in a streaked faux-hawk and purple sequined muumuu. Holiday heat was definitely brought to Hollywood.


Straight clubs rarely compete with gay ones when it comes to inspired or outrageous amusements, but the sights and sounds at Saturday night's Frightmare Before Xmas show at the Dragonfly might have eclipsed even the gaudiest getups or sassiest she-males at the aforementioned.

Thrown by Batcave Hollywood, the morbid yet merry mash-up included S&M–ish Santa ensembles, “blood shots” (egg nog, schmeg nog!), vendors selling bondage-geared gingerbread men and women “pornoments” for the XXXmas tree and even a “Drink & Draw” room where sketchy dudes tried their hand at likenesses of elfin, half-naked femmes. There was also a “Nativity in Blood” performance by Head Trauma Cabaret, featuring Virgin Mary giving birth to a creepy-horned goth chick (who appeared to be re-creating The Exorcist's crucifix scene). We definitely didn't have sugarplum fairy–type visions that night.

The horrific highlight of this holiday massacre? Rosemary's Billygoat, who brought their usual stage theatrics: electric chairs, giant furry crosses, hobbit feet, fiery pentagrams, devil babies, pizzas of darkness, etc. If you've ever caught the local schlock-rock lunatics onstage over their 20-year career (yes, 20, according to frontman Mike Odd), you know they've got an arsenal of anarchistic stage tricks. But they also have killer, catchy thrashing tracks, and they sounded great Saturday. Not sure why the band didn't endure on the GWAR level, but in L.A., they are pretty legendary both for stage shows and the events they used to throw at their “Odditorium” in Hollywood. The store is long-closed, but you can still buy RB's menacing merch on their website.

Batcave Hollywood — which started at Medusa Lounge and incited a veritable goth war with another promoter claiming ownership of the name (the O.G. was in the U.K.) — seems to have survived the conflict. It's now every second Saturday at Dragonfly.

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