SHIVER MEIf it seemed like everywhere ya went on a recent Monday, peeps were aye-ing and arrrr-ing like Johnny Depp channeling Keith Richards in a Disney flick, it was no coinkydink. Turned out September 19 was “International Talk Like a Pirate Day.” From our pal Derek Schaefer’s celebration of his new Goldenvoice position at the elegant new Magnolia Bar on Sunset (in the formerBaked Potato and then Club 66space) to the Dim Mak Records showcase featuring the debut of Moving UnitBlakeMiller’s new project, I Miss You (which, uh, we missed), along with The Blood Brothers’ new splat attack Neon Blonde, and much-hyped U.K. scrapers The Rakes (Secret Machines meet the Buzzcocks) at The Roxy, mateys were getting their verbal Jolly Rogers on, up and down thee olde strip. Salty rock dogs Metal Skool got the eve’s most pirate booty at TheKey Club, attracting members of Hoobastank, Sevendust and Anthrax, not to mention fair freckled maiden Lindsay Lohan (who’s wisely gone back to red tresses) and Laguna Beachstar Kristin Cavalleri, who jumped ship from partying in the (real?) O.C. to the H.B. — and we’re not talkin’ ’bout Hermosa. Word is she’s been hitting Hollywood Boulevard–adjacent hot spots, even hosting InfamousSaturdays along with other L.B. cast members at Nacional.THE SKINNYThere were no pirates lurking about the next night, when Nightranger returned to the Roxy for the much-anticipated reunion of glam punks Celebrity Skin, but there were a couple of psychedelic matadors, a toy soldier and a wooden dummy — and that was just onstage. The flamboyant local legends were a sight for bored eyes, especially cotton-candy-pink-haired bassist Tim Ferris (a.k.a. Sugarpie Jones), who hasn’t looked this exuberant since we saw him rock with the Cramps. Drummer Don Bolles’ old Germscohort Pat Smear joined the band for a couple of numbers, as did Faith No More/Imperial Teen–ster Roddy Bottum on the encore. Seen soaking up the glitter-specked sweat: our favorite girly-men Sean de Lear and Jackie Beat, That Dog–gone Anna Waronker, man in black from way back Danny Shades, Teenacide Records mogul Jim Freek, Jellyfish/Beck playa Roger Manning,and members of Tsar, NYC’s The Toilet Boys and S’Cool Girls.By the way, Bolles was the soldier, Ferris and guitarist Bob Haas were the matadors, and singer Gary Jacoby, who’s apparently now a ventriloquist, brought the dummy (named Harry) onstage.TUES HIP Bloc Party, The Kills and Interpol also played that night, and we headed to the official after-party at Cinespace, where members of each plus AFI’s Davey Havoc, Sin City’s Devon Aoki and new rock-scene queen Hilary Duff (who left the Teen Vogue soirée at TheRoosevelt Hotel early to shake it with the shags) were packed inside. For those denied entrance, there was also BPM’s bash at Montmartre down the street, with DJs James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem)and She Wants Revenge. Tried to make that one too, but alas, too-much-to-do Tuesdays are toughies lately. All outta Red Bull, and it’s not even Hump Day yet.

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