Magical Mystery Tour
What happens in Vegas comes from L.A., at least when it’s Magic Trade Show time. An army of West Coast trendsetters descended on Sin City last week for the annual wholesale fashion convention, which not unlike a nightclub offered DJs spinning in different themed areas, half-naked hoochie mamas prancing about, booze and even velvet ropes (guarding the überpretentious PhatFarm/Baby Phat booth, where we saw Russell Simmons hawking his urbwear and the wifey’s blingy rags and bags). There were a handful of hot parties to attend later, such as Beauty Bar L.V.’s Monday-night shindig thrown by Vice, Penguin, Topless tees, L.A. Weekly and our pal Heidi Richman’s Heidi’s Night of Beauty. Nightranger spun the tunes early on, while DKT/MC5 rocked out later, fronted by the Dictators’ Handsome Dick Manitoba, looking Liberace-esque in a tacky bright-blue sequined shirt. “We’re playing a fashion show, so I got dressed up for you,” he explained from the stage. Seen kicking out the jams with the old guys: Moving Unit Blake Miller, Club Moscow’s Keith Wilson, Hot Topic buyer (and new co-owner of Nicotene, formerly Vine Bar) Jason Shelby, and Vegas’ most famous male manicurist, Frankie Files, brought in for B.B.’s “Martini and Manicure” services that night. Tuesday we dipped into Magic’s competing less hip-hop, more hipster trade show called Pool (rumor is the two just struck some kind of merger deal), and then made our way to a fab Warhol-themed Levi’s bash at Body English in the Hard Rock Hotel. Louis XIV played a regal set, followed by Dim Mak Records’ Steve Aoki wigglin’ the wax along with Good Charlotte’s Benji Madden (who, surprisingly, spins mostly rap stuff). And what would a Vegas trip be without a strip-club jaunt? We hung with the fashion freaks at downtown ta-ta tavern The Glitter Gulch, where goth-frock king Drew Bernstein threw a sexy soirée for his Lip Service line. A perfect way to kiss lady luck g’bye.Artful Dodging
Rat Pack–era Vegas and other swingin’ scenes and locales are depicted in the art of Shag, a.k.a. Josh Agle, whose work is on everything from shot glasses to Hot Wheels toys to table lamps these days. The vibrant merch is displayed along with the artist’s latest paintings at La Luz de Jesus Gallery, whose opening-night show Friday offered, as always, cheap beer and socializing amid the adjoining store’s kitschy gotta-have-it-but-I-don’t-know-why crap. This ain’t the place for art snobs; still, as we chatted with burlesque babe Ginger Goldmine and Bigfoot Lodge’s Lee Joseph, we overheard one pseudo-chic chick say with disgust, “No wine? And they expect me to buy the art?” Guess she didn’t know that every piece was sold even before the show began.

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