DIG THISOndi Timoner’s 2004 documentary Dig! — chronicling the not-so-parallel lives of pals/rivals The Dandy Warhols and The Brian Jonestown Massacre has obviously boosted both bands on the rock radar. BJM packed the expansive Vanguard last Thursday with a noticeably more mixed fan base (like people who actually wash their hair) and offered a set of jammin’ psych-outs peppered with singer Anton Newcombe’s obligatory curse-laced rants & chants. Nightranger even invented a new drinking game: Chug every time Anton utters “fuck.” Obviously, staying coherent for the after-party (at Soundgasm, at the black- and red-swathed Nicotene, formerly the very green Vine Bar) was a toughie, but we managed, even mingling with members of The Warlocks, Dave Conway of Little Radio and DJ Tami (Love Drug), who spun before BJM’s set earlier. Newcombe’s filmic nemesis Courtney Taylor and the Dandys were in town a few nights earlier, promoting their new LP (Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia) with a listening party at the Bigfoot Lodge, where BRMC, the Warlocks and a goo-goo-eyed Heather Graham huddled with Taylor and later continued the bohemian boozing at Substrate Gallery. Those wicked Warlocks whose new CD (Surgery) we’re digging more than both the BJM’s EP and the Dandy’s release sure get around! We saw ’em again on Friday at the Shout/Café Bleu reunion at the El Rey (rumored to be on the selling block), along with Clifton Weaver of the The Mojo Filters, who jerked it out on stage with go-go dancers and promoters Shalyce Benfell and Piper Ferguson. Quite the hullabaloo. SHE-SPIESPunk rock cabaret queen Abby Travis celebrated the one-year anniversary of her saucy “night of musical espionage,” Mata Hari, at Tangier last Wednesday, with performances by Club Makeup alum Jack Atlantis and diva duo Millie Fenellie, featuring Gere Fenellie (Redd Kross/Specimen) and comedienne Laura Milligan. The pair was joined by former El Vez backup singers (a.k.a. “El Vettes”) Pinky and Chrissy, who offered a sneak peek at an upcoming stage show about the reunion of a fictional ’80s girl group called Sparkle. Dunno if it’s based on The Go-Go’s or The Bangles, but, coincidentally, hostess Travis will be a very busy girl for the next few months, playing in Kathy Valentine’s new solo project (along with Bangles guitarist Vicki Peterson and Blondie drummer Clem Burke), and then as touring bassist for the Bangles. Travis is also, somehow, finding time to tour with Tito Larriva (The Plugz, The Cruzados) and promote her new solo album (GlitterMouth), which means her Tangier soiree won’t be back for several weeks. Seen toasting Travis’ success: El Vez’s alter-ego Robert Lopez, club king Joseph Brooks, Donita Sparks, Chrome Hearts designer Michael Schmidt, all grown up Kid in the Hall Dave Foley, and Club Motherfucker’s Michael T, in town last week from NYC to deejay at Loose Tooth and an “East Coast vs. West Coast” bash at Beauty Bar with Bryan Rabin whom we ran into at the White Stripes’ Greek show Tuesday. Speaking of which, the Stripes shows were pretty great groovy set, mellow crowd, surprise guests Brendan Benson and Beck . . . but how about Jack White’s weird mumblings (facetious or not) about Paris Hilton and her chihuahua? No quiero, Jacko.

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