At a labor hearing today in San Jose, Nicky Diaz was awarded $5,500 in back pay from her former employer, Meg Whitman.

Thus ends the only storyline that most people will remember from the 2010 gubernatorial campaign, the upstairs/downstairs fable of the billionaire brought low by her illegal immigrant maid.

Whitman probably won't miss the money. Today it was reported that she dropped another $2.6 million into her campaign on election day — long after it was clear to most people that she was throwing good money after bad.

With celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred at her side, Diaz spoke to reporters after the hearing in San Jose.

“We do our best for our employers and in return all we ask is to be treated with respect and to be paid for all the work we do,” she said, according to the Mercury-News. “We do all this because we need to support our families and to give our children a better future.”

Whitman spokesman Tucker Bounds, who apparently is still on the Whitman payroll though the campaign is over, also attended the hearing.

“It's a political soap opera that has drawn its curtains,” he said.

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