NFT project thrives on collaboration and community development

Kenkyo, an NFT project, has the potential to influence the ethical culture within the space

NFT trends are evolving quickly, and new projects are being released daily. But, while many unique crypto collectibles have been created since the beginning of this movement, not all of them are worth your time. Setting high standards is a key to the success of collectibles.

An NFT must have specific key characteristics regardless of whether it’s using electronic or physical layers. First, the NFT should be able to have meaningful value. The more unique the NFT is, the more valuable it will be to the individual. Second, its supply should be limited and fixed. Third, it should have a good reputation from those invested in it and those who use it.

Kenkyo is an NFT project that checks all those boxes. With a unique 777 genesis collection, the team behind it is setting the bar high. It revolves around human qualities lacking in the crypto space, such as humility and respect. These are core values that anyone should strive to obtain. It starts with a strong foundation that has already received positive feedback.

According to the three founders, humility is the highest virtue. “Humility is a virtue, which is the most important thing to learn in life. Being humble will be the key to success. It is also an indispensable tool for people in various fields of life, not only as a consumer but also as a creator.”

They also believe in community development and attempt to collaborate with other projects whenever they can. They have made an honorary NFT for a community project called the Tasty Bones, and they have collaborated with Karafuru, another NFT project.

They are not limiting themselves to just 777s but plan to expand their collection to include more collectibles. The team is taking a unique approach by deciding on creating NFTs for a limited time period which will not be released for public sale. Individuals are whitelisted and handpicked by the project’s founders, making it a more exclusive experience.

They plan to revolutionize the space by creating a platform where NFTs can be used to show off your collection and earn royalties. A reward program is set up to give back royalties from secondary sales to holders of the NFTs. An elite alpha team has also been put together to secure WL and giveaways exclusively for the holders. Kenkyo has the potential to become one of the industry leaders, but only if they continue innovating their product and set the proper standards that other projects should follow.

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