Rick Jacobs, Mayor Eric Garcetti's deputy chief of staff, is on vacation in Croatia. But that doesn't mean he's not interested in making a little news.

In an interview with Dalmatia News, Jacobs got on the topic of L.A.'s never-ending quest for an NFL team. According to Jacobs, landing a team is “nije prioritet” (“not a priority”) for the new mayor.
That may well be true, but city officials usually don't say it out loud, even in Croatian.

Garcetti supported AEG's plan to build a new football stadium at the L.A. Convention Center. Though it is not officially dead, that deal seems to have fallen apart.
But even after the collapse of the AEG plan, Garcetti has remained supportive of getting a team.

“There's no question that the second-biggest city in America needs an NFL team, and the NFL needs Los Angeles,” he said soon after he was sworn in back in July.

In that interview with CBS Los Angeles, however, Garcetti said it's up to the league to figure out what it wants to do.
“It's really in the hands of those owners and somebody who would want to come to Los Angeles,” he said.
In a brief statement today, Garcetti spokesman Yusef Robb said, “His position has not changed.”
The city's business and labor groups have argued that an NFL team will create thousands of jobs, and Garcetti has said he will make jobs a priority. 
But if Jacobs' comments are correct, it appears the mayor has decided that courting the NFL is not the best way to create them, nor the best use of his time.

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