After we reflected Wednesday on Staples Center chief Tim Leiweke's pitch to an L.A. City Council committee for an NFL stadium downtown, he got at least one show of support from a Weekly reader.

The $1.3-billion-plus stadium would take over a part of the city-owned convention center downtown and require $350 million in public bonds that Leiweke said his company, Anschutz Entertainment Group, would guarantee.

Leiweke certainly has his doubters. But one commenter was a true believer.

In fact, Bitter Betty almost makes us feel guilty for having any questions. Is she a Catholic mom?

Here's her plea to the people of Los Angeles (and our “comment of the day“):

Dear NFL,

Please don't come back to Los Angeles. Please don't bring your NFL team. Please don't bring your millions of dollars in construction jobs to Los Angeles. Please don't bring your permanent stadium jobs to our city. NFL, we don't want your economic impact. We're doing just fine.

Please don't bring your corporate sponsorship. Please don't bring your $500 million down-the-road Superbowl to LA. Please just stay away NFL. The second biggest audience in the United States doesn't want your entertaining product.

Every last citizen of LA is anti-AEG, anti-NFL, and anti-business. Just read the LA Weekly and reader comments and you will understand our life-long discomfort with your heavy handed tactics to boost the local economy. Boo!

Go to San Antonio. Build a second team in Houston. Take your product to Oklahoma City. We want you to always use Los Angeles as bait. Dangle us in front of irritating city officials who won't pony up for a new stadium. We don't mind. We like being treated as a second rate City.


Bitter Betty

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