The NFL this week is pondering whether to bring teams to the Los Angeles area.

Inglewood and Carson have stadium plans and are vying to host one or two teams. The San Diego Chargers, St. Louis Rams and Oakland Raiders have made formal their desire to move here.

Multiple outlets have reported that a “forced marriage” between the Rams and Chargers in Inglewood could be the best chance of again seeing helmets clash on any given Sunday in Greater Los Angeles. Mainly because of its history hosting the NBA Lakers at the Forum, Inglewood already calls itself the “City of Champions.”

Maybe it's the City of LGBT Champions.

Football or not — we're not saying the sport is inherently straight, just that finding gay NFL players is rare — Inglewood is now officially one of the “Queerest Cities in America.” 

That's according to the Advocate, which calls itself “the world’s leading LGBT news source.” Its seventh annual queerest cities list was revealed this week.

Inglewood came in an impressive second place and was the only Los Angeles–area municipality in the top 15. Glendale, however, got an “honorable mention.”

Though San Francisco ranked seventh, the publication says it tries to keep obvious places out of the running.

“While locales such as New York and West Hollywood are widely known to be LGBT-friendly, this list spotlights some unexpected cities not afraid to fly their LGBT-friendly flags,” it said in a statement. “… You already know that Fort Lauderdale and Palm Springs are the LGBT-est places in the union. This list checks the queer quotient in the rest of the country.”

You can read the publication's criteria here. “The criteria does include important elements such as nondiscrimination protections and LGBT sites on the National Register,” according to the publication.

What's so gay-friendly about Inglewood, then?

The Advocate says the Forum's reinvention as one of the nation's premier concert venues has made the town a massive attraction for the LGBT community.

“Thanks to its being the home of the Forum, Janet Jackson, Ariana Grande and Madonna all lit up the City of Champions. What makes Inglewood so surprising for visitors, and even many people in Los Angeles, is the thriving arts and culture scene.”

So there you go, NFL fans. Inglewood is a city of tolerance. Remember that if you're ever roaring at the visiting team.

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