Next Level Holdings Launches Much-Needed Investment Product with Guaranteed 24% Return And Full Income Protection

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The financial markets are inherently risky, and investors can suffer devastating losses if the market suddenly changes direction. A 2022 report stated that U.S. households lost over $9 trillion in wealth due to the decline in the stock market.

In a world of economic uncertainty, investors are seeking new ways to protect their capital while achieving higher returns on their investments. With the recent launch of Next Level Holdings’ innovative investment product, Founder Paul Regan is providing Americans with a solution to these challenges.

The Need for Higher Returns and Capital Protection

For many Americans, the traditional investment options of stocks and bonds have become less attractive due to the current economic climate. With interest rates at record lows and inflation on the rise, investors are finding it increasingly difficult to generate the returns they need to meet their financial goals.

According to a recent survey by Bankrate, 36% of Americans are not investing at all, with the primary reason being a lack of funds. However, for those who are investing, many are seeking higher returns to make up for lost time and generate enough wealth for retirement.

While the pursuit of higher returns is important, protecting one’s capital is equally crucial. Market volatility and economic uncertainty can lead to significant losses for investors, which can be difficult to recover from.

A New Investment Product Provides Unique Capital Protection and High Returns

Next Level Holdings, LLC, founded by Paul Regan, has recently launched a revolutionary new investment product that offers investors a unique combination of capital protection and high returns. The Principal  & Interest Protected Note ™ with  Full  Insurance Protection is an investment offering that is unlike any other in the market today.

Innovative Investment Strategies Provide Capital Preservation in Uncertain Times

Regan’s investment strategy focuses on exploiting spot price differences for physical commodities such as gold, lumber, timber, and coffee. To mitigate risk, the hedge funds carry insurance policies issued by top-rated insurance companies like Lloyds of London, Afiancol, Redbridge Insurance Company, and Ocean International Reinsurance.

The security of capital and risk management is at the heart of Next Level Holdings’ approach, and the investment strategies do not require being right about time, price, or market direction.

The fact that Next Level Holdings Principal & Insurance Protected Note™️ comes with an insurance contract issued by a quality Insurance company with a B++ rating or better from AM Best makes this almost identical to a standard fixed Annuity contract with the major difference being that the yield offered by Next Level is about 4 to 5 times higher than almost any annuity out there.

As of March 2023, Next Level Holdings’ annuity alternative pays the highest interest rate to investors among all annuities and annuity alternatives with a guaranteed return. The company guarantees a 26.1 % percent return with full insurance protection from top insurers for a 7-year term. In comparison, the second highest interest rate offered by an annuity guarantees a 5.67% return for a 6-year term while Next Level Holdings’ APY is also guaranteed by quality insurers, pitching the company’s upside at 400% more.

“We have to go back decades to see so much conflict in the world, and at the same time, inflation is extremely high. The combination of high inflation with central bank policy uncertainty creates this environment of really high risk and volatility,” said Regan.

A New Paradigm in Investing

Next Level Holdings’ investment options are designed to provide a new paradigm in investing with a low-risk arbitrage strategy combined with a dedicated insurance policy. The company’s fully licensed entity coordinates the export and shipping of physical commodities to international refineries within its network, ensuring a smooth and secure investment process. The launch of these innovative funds has come at an opportune time, providing investors with a new option for capital preservation in the wake of recent market events.


Investors seeking a new option for capital preservation in these uncertain times need to look no further than Next Level Holdings’ innovative new investment product. With a unique combination of capital protection and high returns, this investment offering is poised to become a game-changer in the world of investment.

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