Warning to GOP homophobes: This is what happens when you compare gay marriage to paganism, then have the balls to roll your campaign bus through West Hollywood.

Newt Gingrich's red-white-and-blue beast was spotted by Twitter user Chris Hughes around 10:30 p.m. last night on Sunset Boulevard…

… chillin' illegally in front of the Metro stop like it owned the place.

The holdup? Apparent car troubles. “Newt Gingrich bus with flat tire on Sunset and Crescent Heights,” Hughes Tweeted to local newspaper WeHo Daily. And the location couldn't be more ironic: Just a few blocks away is Body Shop, as gay as gay bars come.

We can just see the fabulous boys of West Hollywood, poking toothpicks in the tires of voodoo dolls shaped like Newt Gingrich's campaign bus.

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The presidential candidate's flack won't confirm if Gingrich and the lady were inside the vehicle at the time of breakdown, but they are currently in L.A. County. CBS LA reports that the couple is scheduled for an appearance at an elementary school in (the much less homo) Thousand Oaks this morning, followed by an (even less homo) Republican Jewish luncheon in Beverly Hills.

So — who wants to glitter-bomb the 90210? Just a little icing for Gingrich's nightmare road trip through the Boystown of the Best Coast.

Update: The plot thickens! Nick Babiarz Tweets, “Just drove by Newtered #Gingrich's campaign bus at Fairfax/Sunset.” Which is three blocks from its former location, almost 12 hours later. Huh.

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