California Governor Gavin Newsom explicitly said he would not run for U.S. president in 2024 and would give his full support to President Joe Biden.

In an exclusive interview with online news publication Politico, Newsom for the first time addressed the rumors that he would enter the race for president.

Newsom said he “told everyone in the White House, from the chief of staff to the first lady,” that he had no intention of putting his hat in the race.

During the only gubernatorial debate Newsom held during his midterm bid for re-election, opponent Brian Dahle accused the governor of having his focus on a presidential run and not California. Multiple times during the debate, Senator Dahle said Newsom cared more about federal issues that he did local ones and would leave California mid-term, as he did San Francisco when he left his post as mayor to run for governor.

Among other things, Dahle was referencing  a series of pro-abortion billboards that Newsom posted throughout anti-abortion states such as Texas, Indiana, Ohio, Oklahoma, Mississippi, South Dakota and South Carolina. Newsom has also regularly responded to national headlines involving both governors Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbot, of Florida and Texas, respectively.,

The governor of California said he told President Biden he’s “all in” for the 80-year-old commander-in-chief’s coming run for reelection.


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