In his run for the Democratic nomination for lieutenant governor, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has raised much more cash than his rival, Los Angeles City Councilwoman Janice Hahn, the San Francisco Chronicle reported on Sunday.

“As of May 22,” the newspaper reported, “Newsom had taken in slightly more than $1 million in contributions, compared with $473,000 for Hahn. Heading into the final run to the June 8 election, he also had $770,000 in the bank, compared with Hahn's $315,000.”

The Chronicle also revealed that Newsom still has $196,000 of unpaid bills, which will obviously cut into his bottom line.

Hahn was once the front runner in the Democratic primary for lieutenant governor, but she's struggled to compete with the charismatic mayor once he entered the race in March.

In a recent L.A. Weekly feature story, titled “Lieutenant Governor of Paper Clips,” we detail some of her missteps.

Hahn has tried to win over voters and campaign contributors by pushing

herself as a much-need female candidate from voter-rich Southern

California who would help California Attorney General Jerry Brown win

his gubernatorial race.

So far, it seems, political donors haven't agreed.

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