The champagne bottles are in the recycling bin — the holidays are officially over. Now is the time when, armed with a list of resolutions, we swear that this year we're going to be harder, better, faster, stronger, and less angry in traffic.

Personally, I resolve to focus on one thing at a time, to be fully present with the people around me, and to go to Brazil for the World Cup. And to keep all of my houseplants alive. But enough about me. Here are what folks in the L.A. music community have resolved to do in 2014:

Anthony Valadez

KCRW DJ, monday nights midnight to 3am

My New Year's resolution is to spend less time on my iPhone and computer and be more in the present. I plan on sitting on more park benches and blankets in 2014 and really absorbing the sun, the trees and all that is natural.


Rapper, Resident Host of Low End Theory and Hellfyre Club Founder

My New Year resolution is to find the asshole that stole [rapper] VerBS' bike. Oh and to find the dude who stole Daedelus's gear.

Dream Rockwell; Credit: Photo courtesy of The Confluence

Dream Rockwell; Credit: Photo courtesy of The Confluence

Dream Rockwell

Co-founder and Executive Producer for Lucent Dossier Experience and Co-Founder of the Do LaB

No sugar. Fogs the brain. Taking it out of the diet brings clarity and creative force.

Brad Elterman

Rock photographer and author of Dog Dance

My New Years resolution is to get Music Life, my first short film, financed and completed, read Bukowski's Women and eat more fish.

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Nic Adler

Owner of the Roxy

Be the best father I can be. Listen more, talk less. Educate myself. Spend less. Meet my neighbors. Not text while driving. Drink more tea. Become a better photographer.

Be present. Live the moment. Love more.

Jesse Rose

L.A.-based DJ and resident at London club Fabric and more

Sleep more. Eat less.

Milo; Credit: Photo courtesy of Milo

Milo; Credit: Photo courtesy of Milo


Hellfyre Club artist

Give Daniel Tosh a swirly.

Jesse Flemming

Co-founder, Executive Producer and Music Curator for The Do LaB and Lightning in a Bottle

To not let work, or anything else, stress me out. And to be in love with life.

Sky Daniels

KCSN Program Director

My 2014 resolution is to continue to grow KCSN's commitment to artist development by expanding our signal to both Orange County and the far West Valley.

Jodi Burlan

Publicist at Stones Throw Records

To buy more records and read more books.

Anna Lunoe; Credit: Photo courtesy of Infamous PR

Anna Lunoe; Credit: Photo courtesy of Infamous PR

Anna Lunoe

DJ, Singer and Producer on Fools Gold and Ultra Records

To fight resistance! I want to enjoy everything I do this year, even if it's something difficult, I just want to get better at shifting my attitude and making it fun regardless! Also paint more and keep in touch with my friends more even when I am away.

Anthony Frattolillo

Singer, The Herbert Bail Orchestra

Write a song a day, throw most of em away, let a few good ones stay.

Ben Westhoff

L.A. Weekly music editor

To learn something, anything, about cars. Right now my ignorance about the ways cars run is absolute. I once referred to a catalytic converter as a “Cadillac converter” and could not tell you how many cylinders my car's engine has, nor what a cylinder is.

Lynne Sheridan

Public Programs & Artist Relations at the Grammy Museum

My New Year's Resolution for 2014 is to 'think more locally.' We have a series here at The Grammy Museum called Homegrown, which features up-and-coming L.A.-area bands, and I'm more focused than ever to expand the series and expose the great talent that we have here in our city. And, to remain gluten tolerant.

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