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With a galactic alignment and Mayan prophecy fulfillment on the horizon — not to mention the Aquarian dawning — 2012 is poised to be a pretty cosmic year.

So as you embrace your turquoised-out, biker hippie wizard lover this New Year's Eve, preferably beneath some desert stars or giant redwoods, be sure that these rockin' mystical jams are playing on the record machine.

10. Devendra Banhart


Although Devendra has recently toned down his ultra-tripped out California cosmic wardrobe, his back catalog still makes for some bad-ass hippie lovin'.

9. Black Sabbath

“The Wizard”

Harmonicas are sexy, especially when backed by the monstrous riffs of Tony Iommi and Ozzy singing about Gandalf. Hallucinatory.

8. The Entrance Band

“Grim Reaper Blues”

Most people don't want to look Death in the eye, but there's a hot hippie wizard lurking beneath the hood, and he loves rock 'n roll. The Entrance Band knows this, and with “Grim Reaper Blues” — one of their heaviest and most anthemic tracks — they remind us that Death got soul too.

7. Witchcraft

“The Alchemist”

Swedish stoner rock magicians Witchcraft turn base metal into gold with this brooding, retro-flavored dose of heaviness from their 2007 album Alchemist.

6. Rainbow

“Man on the Silver Mountain”

A pre-Sabbath era Ronnie James Dio collaborated with Deep Purple's Ritchie Blackmore, resulting in some rocking wizard jams, complete with medieval themes and artwork by Conan the Barbarian artist, Ken Kelly. The band was named after Sunset Strip restaurant and groupie haunt Rainbow Bar and Grill.

5. Jonathan Wilson

“Desert Raven”

Sounding like an early-era Fleetwood Mac, Los Angeles psych folk warlock Jonathan Wilson sets the scene for sunrise love connections in the desert.

4. Sleep


This speaker-melting doom anthem was featured in Harmony Korine's white trash epic Gummo, and maintains its thundering Sabbath-esque mystical energy despite the suburban bong-smoking glue sniffer connotations.

3. Spirit

“When I Touch You”

The sky, mountains and other elemental forces that informed the music of influential 70s rock band Spirit highlight what gnomes, wizards and fairies have known all along: there's nothing sexier than nature.

2. Horace Silver

“Acid, Pot or Pills”

Love's a natural psychedelic, but tripped-out funk loverman Horace Silver likes to up the vibrational level with a little mind-expansion.

1. YaHoWha13

“I'm Gonna Take You Home”

With his 14 wives, Los Angeles' Father Yod was the quintessential mystical hippie alchemist guru. And his 1970s psych rock band YaHoWha13 brings home the cosmic love jams with raw, improvisational glory.

See also: What To Do This New Year's Eve

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