Drinking and driving can be deadly not only to you and loved ones, but to someone you don't even know. No good. But evidence suggests that drinking and walking can sometimes be just as dangerous, at least to yourself and to the grill of a stranger's car. Not so good, either.

Consider this as you head out for your New Year's Eve: Pedestrians are most likely to be hit by cars and killed on Friday through Sunday nights in urban areas. And an old but useful analysis found that 40 percent of pedestrians killed on Jan. 1st, the deadliest day for walkers, had elevated blood-alcohol levels.

We told you previously if you can't walk, you should be driving. But sometimes, if you can't walk, you shouldn't be walking either. What to do? The only solution, short of having a designated wheel-barrow driver, is to go the house party route and stay home or sleep over at a friend's place.

Or, as health blogger Mike Magee suggests, just cab it. “Sending an inebriated friend or family on his way, even without car keys, is not without risk,” he writes. “Better to walk along or call a taxi to make this a happy – and safe – New Year.”

LA Weekly