New Year's Eve is a night for family, friends, and community. It's a great time to get together with confidants to clink Champagne glasses, sing auld langs syne at the top of your lungs, and periodically fire a handgun into the smoggy stratosphere. Some lameos think shooting a gun into the sky is dangerous, but obviously, they are wrong. There is NO BETTER way to celebrate the New Year. Champagne corks and celebratory boomerangs, just can't compare to the majesty, and history connected to haphazardly firing a Glock in any given direction. Yes, it's that time-honored tradition held true to Detroit Pistons fans, old West (Covina) six-shooter wielding hootenanny-goers, and porches spanning from West Virgina to Normal Virgina. But here in L.A. we do it classier. So for all you ladies pulling your golden Beretta from your garter and indie guys with your American Apparel Luger, we present the top five songs for running around and shooting indiscriminately into the air.


Oopsies sorry that last one was “Best Song For Shooting Yourself.”

*EDITOR'S DISCLAIMER: Be advised that the subject of this post is very much illegal in Los Angeles. (So is smoking pot without a medicinal card.)

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