The importance of taking care of your skin and hair during the colder months:

Your skin and hair have different needs as the seasons change. When temperatures cool it’s important to start repairing your hair from any sun damage you did over the summer. Adding a repair mask to your weekly routine and hair oils will give your hair the appearance of looking hydrated which it always needed. Also, your scalp is an extension of your skin which isn’t talked about enough and scalp scrubs will help maintain the health of your hair. As the weather changes and the temperatures start to drop your skin needs more hydration. Skin tends to get very dry in the colder months, so make sure you moisturize your face/neck day and night. If needed, find a thicker face moisturizer for people that need a little more. Try Naturium Plant Ceramide Rich Moisture Cream.


Also, do not forget to use a hand and body lotion for all over your body. This will keep your skin looking glowing and protected from the harsh winter months. Try BB Lifestyle Signature Luxe Body Lotion.

Keeping your mental health positive:

Getting the blues during the colder months is a lot more common than we think and most of us probably go through this without even knowing. Here are a few things to help maintain your mental health during the colder months. Give yourself a monthly or 30-day challenge to reach out to a friend/family member and just check in on them. We all love a gentle reminder that we’re on someone’s mind. Create a spa-like home for yourself: light a candle, spray an uplifting scent in the air, take a hot shower and treat yourself with a body scrub. Lastly, put a few fresh flowers out or try a new baking recipe.

Great ways of reaching out would be:

1) Sending a text (It can change someone day by just saying hello)
2) FaceTime a friend (Great way to contact and have eye contact with someone even though they are not with you)
3) Old School – Send out cards in the mail and just write a few words or sentences. Guaranteed way for you and a loved one to feel good.
4) Pick up the phone just to call someone and say hello

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