Snoop Dogg has always donned blue, but Malice N Wonderland might just be aimed at the Red States and the Fox News constituency.

First came the album's black velvet-worthy cover art by Mister Cartoon, and last night Snoop hosted WWE Raw in Jacksonville, FL. And like Glenn Beck — and the hard working people the loon allegedly represents — the Doggfather seems a little angry.

The first few leaks from the recording sessions that sprung Malice recently found their way online, and three out of four sound kinda pissed. Of course, only one of these songs will be on Snoop's 10th album (out Dec 12), and that's the one with The Dream — and the sun-drenched-drive-through-LA of a video. Here's a rundown of the four — with an authorized .zip file of the four at the bottom.

“Gangsta Luv” ft The Dream

The Dream has been a certified hit-machine for a few years and Snoop has never met a crooner he didn't want for a hook. At the very least, the Paul Hunter-directed video reminds people on the East Coast, who've already seen snow, that LA was made for drop-top limousines and bikinis.

“Shoot'em Up”

In what must be hip-hop's 2,447th song called “Shoot'em Up,” Snoop puts his patented slur over a slew of synths and 808 fwaps for a minimalist and melodic burner. Continually switching his cadence from that patented sing-song to the stone-cold demon raps, this one stays entertaining.


Opening with a cheese-ball soul sample before shifting to angry synth stabs may be a little startling, yet it's the only thing surprising about this typical West Coast affair. But Snoop's always found comfort in the So.Calian sun and he's at home here, shooting darts over a dark production that chest bumps for LA.

“World of a Gangsta”

How does Snoop soup himself up to still sound so pissed…missed tackles from his youth football team? Another canceled TV show? Regardless of what the multi-million dollar family man uses to work himself up, he can still find the right chord. A soft piano and crunchy snare don't hurt the evil, either.

Here's a .zip file of these four songs.

UPDATE 11:08 A.M.: We've just been informed that it's Snoop's birthday. Happy “38th,” Snoop.

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