The Puffco Proxy is the company’s newest device and latest effort to push the way we consume concentrates into the future.

Old School hash heads will remember long before the Peak caused more torches to be put away than any electronic dab tool in history, Puffco already was a heady name in the most elite circles.

Why? While quartz was king for the people that owned hash companies, they still needed something to consume their product in on the go or while vacationing somewhere it was too sketchy to bring their full dab rig setup. After Puffco’s founding in 2013, it released its early dab pens and then the the Puffco Plus a few years later. All those products quickly made their way into the hands of some of the most elite names in hash.

The Plus went on to be one of the most awarded cannabis products of the decade. A true gold standard in a flooded field. When we think of Puffco products without water, it’s our most recent memory and it is still a gold standard in the dab pen space with its timeless dart tech. Most importantly for the purposes of this discussion, the Plus sets a very high bar for Puffco’s latest product the Proxy.

But 2016 was a long time ago. Even if the Plus was better than the coil vape pens of the era, Puffco has learned a lot in the years since. The Proxy is all those years of new technology in a unique new package.

The Proxy has been in development for so long that it’s actually where the now-popular 3D chamber for the Peak Pro got its start. In the midst of creating the Proxy, they realized the heating chamber they were designing for it was awesome. They would end up releasing tech based on it as a standalone peak atomizer last year at Puffcon.

One could easily argue the quality of the atomizer construction was the biggest jump between the first two Peak generations. What the pro offered felt like a tank that ripped compared to the original atomizers that at times felt flimsy. The idea that from the very beginning the Proxy had a better built-in atomizer construction has to give many high hopes. When you actually use it, those hopes will hold up. We’ve only had the chance to consume some Wilson F3 live rosin from Hash and Flowers in the Proxy so far. It was delicious.

The atomizer felt a pinch smaller than the one on the Peak Pro. That being said, it still felt very sturdy and capable of solid chunky rips. Like the Peak, a slow steady draw gives the best experience.

Roger Volodarsky, CEO and founder of Puffco, weighed in on the company’s latest release.

“The Puffco Proxy celebrates cannabis by creating connections — not only to the plant and its cultural legacy, but also to our community and friends,” Volodarsky said. “Its familiar pipe form honors the rich heritage of cannabis, and invites you to connect with others who share a passion for dabbing and other modes of consumption.”

Volodarsky noted that the Proxy is also one of Puffco’s smallest devices. A big plus whether you’re looking for discretion or portability,

“We designed it so you can enjoy broad consumption flexibility, compatible with an array of future accessories from our ecosystem, along with those from a world of talented glass artists,” Volodarsky said. “The Proxy’s innovative base design offers glass artists a broad new canvas and platform to create meaningful pieces, which we are really excited about.”

The Puffco Proxy is available on today.




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