Say farewell to waiting two hours, or more, at the San Gabriel New Port (two words, by the way, in the title of the restaurant, to distinguish it from the city of Newport) Seafood  – either in the parking lot or hovering over the large crustacean tanks in the lobby.

New Port Seafood is officially opening its new location Tuesday, Sept. 2, on La Cienega’s Restaurant Row and will feature reservations, a full bar, outdoor dining patio and its Cantonese-style seafood dishes. The soft launch of the restaurant, dinner only, is this Friday, Aug. 29. Let the (new) lines begin. 


New Port Seafood Beverly Hills; Credit: Luke Mines

New Port Seafood Beverly Hills; Credit: Luke Mines

New Port Seafood is known mainly for its signature house special lobster, a fried fresh lobster showered with copious amounts of scallions, black pepper and three different types of chiles. While its original Roland Heights and San Gabriel locations pack in the crowds nightly, the weekend wait at New Port Seafood can be a test of extreme patience.

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“We felt it was time to expand and see what we can do west of the 110,” New Port's executive chef Henry Hua told us.

That’s great news for Westside patrons who travel far to San Gabriel for some of the best Asian seafood in Southern California. And that’s great news for patrons who want to make reservations or enjoy a full bar – two features not available at the other locations.

Beef loc lac; Credit: Luke Mines

Beef loc lac; Credit: Luke Mines

The Beverly Hills menu will consist of the original house special lobster, which made New Port famous, and other popular dishes. The beef loc lac, another signature dish, features cube cuts of beef tenderloin wok-cooked in clarified butter, garlic, black peppers and a sweet soy sauce. The clams with spicy basil sauce features Manila clams from Seattle, Thai basil, three types of chiles and garlic cooked in fish sauce.

“We’re not a typical Chinese restaurant and we’re not fusion because fusion is trendy,” said Hua. “We first define ourselves as a Cantonese-style restaurant but with influences from Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, which are based on my dad's travels throughout Asia.” Hua’s father, Ly Hua, is the founder and head chef of the original New Port Seafood.

The Beverly Hills space, which was the former Tony Roma’s, has been redesigned with a modern Asian aesthetic. Hua is also working on expanding the menu but for now it’s slightly compressed but with the addition of a dessert menu.

For those of allergic to shellfish, our deepest condolences.

(Editor's note: The loc lac photo has been changed since initial publication.)

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