Keith Morris is halfway to 110 years old, but that hasn't stopped the unforgettable Circle Jerks/Black Flag frontman from being ruckus-starter. Recently Morris' new project OFF!, featuring drummer Mario Rubalcaba (Hot Snakes, Rocket From the Crypt), guitarist Dimitri Coats (Burning Brides) and bassist Steven McDonald (Red Kross), released a new video for a live version of the song “Upside Down.” The video takes place at the (sometimes troubled) 6th street warehouse , the site of the band's first show where esteemed punk artist Raymond Pettibon created a painting exclusively for the performance.

It's a 1:11 blast of old school, kick-your-grandma, pull-your-kitten's-whiskers, eat-an-Oki-dog-and-die punk.

Watch the video here and see Keith Morris eating 7-11 pizza* too!

And the unofficial video:

And Keith Morris eating pizza:

Keith Morris: Iconclast / Pizza Enthusiast; Credit: Drew Tewksbury

Keith Morris: Iconclast / Pizza Enthusiast; Credit: Drew Tewksbury

*I met Keith a few months back at Twilight, Thirteen, Thrashin, and Lords of Dogtown filmmaker Catherine Hardwicke's art show. I was taking pictures of the Tony Alva and the other Thrashin stars, when I realized that Keith Morris was standing on the curb, eating 7-11 pizza in front of this police car. I snapped the shot, and later I stood silently in the valet line with him. Now I don't drive a 6000 SUX (8.2 mpg) or anything, but it was an uncanny scene when the valet brought his car around: a late 1980's Toyota Tercel, or Honda something-or-other. It was covered in band stickers, just like my first car.

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