Among the molecular gastronomic set, liquid nitrogen (Ln2) is one tool that has made a transition from behind the kitchen to front stage of a bar or dining room. The Bazaar makes its Ln2 Caipirinha 20 table-side, forming its icy cocktail Brazilian cachaca, fresh lime and sugar with liquid nitrogen. Similarly, Michael Voltaggio's ink. found multiple ways to take advantage of the frost-inducing element from cocktail to entrée.

Opening on Friday, March 15, Ice Cream Lab introduces Ln2 on a more approachable field, crafting the frozen treats on order by using the nitrogen to freeze ice cream at temperatures below 320 degrees Fahrenheit. The Beverly Hills shop is a first edition from co-founders Joseph Lifschutz and Tommy Ngan.

Six flavors and seasonal specialties are made from local, organic ingredients in your choice of custard or yogurt as base. Flavors include Angeles Apple Pie, Blue Velvet Cupcake, and Salt Lick Crunch. Prices for a medium-sized treat runs $5 and a large-sized at $6; meanwhile, milk shakes are $7 for a medium and $8 for a large.

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