The march of progress continues apace here at LA Weekly, meaning we've got a brand new commenting system in place. What does it mean for our readers?

Real Time Conversations

You can see who is listening to a conversation and read comments in real time, making it easier to jump right into the discussion.

Talk to Your Social Network

When conversation is happening about an article on Facebook or Twitter, you can now see that conversation within the commenting thread. You can also tag and import your friends from Twitter and Facebook within the comment stream yourself.


You can choose to be alerted via email when someone replies to or likes your comment.

Follow Your Friends

You'll be able to see what your friends are saying and doing on our publications and Voice Places now with this one account.

To get started with our new commenting section, just click “Sign in” in the new comments section. You can sign up with Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google or email.

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