‘Netflix is a Joke’ Brought the Laughs to L.A. (Slideshow)

(Kevin Estrada & Troy Conrad / courtesy of Netflix)(Ser Baffo/courtesy of Netflix)(Kevin Kwan/courtesy of Netflix)(Kevin Estrada & Troy Conrad/courtesy of Netflix)(Jerod Harris/courtesy of Netflix)(Marcus Russell Price/courtesy of Netflix)(Charley Gallay/courtesy of Netflix)(Jerod Harris/courtesy of Netflix)(Adam Rose/courtesy of Netflix)(Adam Rose/courtesy of Netflix)(Terrence Patrick/courtesy of Netflix)(Kevin Estrada & Troy Conrad / courtesy of Netflix)(Elizabeth Morris/courtesy of Netflix)(Beth Dubber/courtesy of Netflix) (Beth Dubber/courtesy of Netflix) (Beth Dubber/courtesy of Netflix)(Charley Gallay(Getty)/courtesy of Netflix)(Randy Shropshire/Getty courtesy of Netflix)(Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Netflix) (Beth Dubber/courtesy of Netflix) (Beth Dubber/courtesy of Netflix)(Beth Dubber/courtesy of Netflix)(Adam Rose/courtesy of Netflix)(Tommaso Boddi/courtesy of Netflix)(Andrew Toth(Getty)/courtesy of Netflix)(Beth Dubber/courtesy Netflix)(Vivien Killea-Best/courtesy of Netflix)(Tommaso Boddi/courtesy of Netflix)(Charley Gallay(Getty)/courtesy of Netflix)(Terence Patrick/courtesy of Netflix) (Randy Shropshire/courtesy of Netflix)

Netflix is a Joke is a wrap! The streaming network’s first comedy festival brought loads of laughter to Los Angeles with “336 comedians, 295 shows and 35+ venues”– and with the state of the world, we needed it. The Dave Chappelle incident might have got most of the media attention, but there were other noteworthy moments. From Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias making history filming his special in front of the largest audience ever at Dodger Stadium, to Pete Davidson finally weaving Kanye into his stand-up, to John Mulaney talking about his intervention and rehab at both the Forum and the Hollywood Bowl, to Seth Rogen doing star-studded table reads, to intimate chats with Larry David and David Letterman, to a couple Chris Rock pop-ins, the big names came together for this very big, very funny event. A lot of Netflix is a Joke’s shows will be coming to Netflix in the form of televised specials soon, so stay tuned.

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