Nestle is issuing a voluntary recall of raw Toll House chocolate chip cookie dough, after the FDA and the CDC began investigating E. coli illnesses possibly relating to the product. A number of consumers reportedly became sick after consuming raw Toll House cookie dough. The list of products covered in the recall includes: all varieties of Nestle Toll House refrigerated Cookie Bar Dough; Cookie Dough Tub; Cookie Dough Tube; Limited Edition Cookie Dough items; Seasonal Cookie Dough and Ultimates Cookie Bar Dough. Here's the AP report via the NYT. (Recap: 25 sick, 0 dead. Death by cookie not a good epitaph.)

Nestle claims that cookies that have actually been baked are safe, and primly points out that they tell you on the packaging NOT to eat the raw dough. (Nice high res on that label.) According to the release from Nestle's US Baking Division, anybody who has purchased one of these products should return it for a full refund. Oh, and don't eat the stuff on the way back to the store! You want another reason not to steal cookie dough before it's baked, you got one now.

Questions? Contact Nestle Consumer Services at 1-800-559-5025 and visit their web site at

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