I am a nerd. I am also a stand-up comic. With this information it should be no surprise that one of my favorite comedy venues in town is not actually a comedy venue, but rather a comic book store. Once a month, the legendary Meltdown Comics shines like a nerdly beacon in a sea of hesher-filled guitar stores on Sunset Blvd.

Producer Linda Pine has created EXACTLY the kind of thing that you would fantasize about as a kid (in between schoolyard beatdowns): “Maaaaan, someday I'm gonna open a kick-ass comic book store and then there's gonna be this back room and I'm gonna have shows 'n shit in it and give out free beer and I'm gonna have a loft that's just like a bed where I'm gonna nail supermodels all day…” ALL OF IT HAS COME TRUE, with the obvious exception of the supermodel thing.

Comedy Meltdown may not get you laid, but the $8 cover charge will get you all the free Asahi you can pour past your braces and a terrific comedy show with Upright Citizens Brigade regulars like Maria Bamford, Andy Daly, Blaine Capatch, Dana Gould, Jonah Ray, Andy Kindler and me'self. The comedy is usually nerd-themed, but ALWAYS fantastic.

Jonah Ray at Comedy Meltdown

Jonah Ray at Comedy Meltdown

So this Friday, March 27, make a night of it! Put on an ironic T-shirt, drive over to Meltdown at 8 p.m., buy Guardians of the Galaxy #12 and then proceed to the back room for laughing. Go to comedymeltdown.com for more info and then pop over to their poster archives for the absolute greatest show posters you've ever seen.

All proceeds from the show are donated to The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, so you're GIVING as your GETTING. Meltdown Comics is located at 7522 W. Sunset Blvd.

Plus, only a true nerd show would actually make trading cards for its comics…

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