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First edition cover, already up to $100 bucks. GoBama!

In a convention circuit where the Northern and Southern California powerhouses of Wonder Con and Comic-Con International keep getting bigger – and starrier – each year, it's easy to forget about the little guys. And even on chilly winter Sundays, inside the bare-bones Shrine Expo Hall, comic book guys and girls young and old (and broody… all that space compared to the jam-packed aisles at Comic-Con is actually rather kid friendly) are up for a gathering of the 'bilia such as the Los Angeles Comic Book and Sci-Fi Convention. True, there weren't nearly as many celebrity appearances – a few American Gladiators (new-style, y'know) and the ubiquitous but eternally gracious fan-favorite Ray Park (a.k.a. Darth Maul, and Snake Eyes in this summer's GI Joe flick)… and the Soup Nazi! (Yes, really.)

Ray Park with a couple of future ass-kickers.

But the comic book bins were full, and the tchotchkes were varied – a good number of them Obama-related, further solidifying his rep as the most collectible prez ever. But there were also bargain collector's figures (ooh, and brand new Watchmen toys!) to trading cards, video game demonstrations to bootleg videos and DVDs (The Paul Lynde Show sharing vendor space with Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park = genius), with deals aplenty to be found for those willing to look. (Doctor Who figures at 50% off – score!). Think of it as a big ol' geek yard sale: If you display it properly, they will come…

Aren't you a little…soft for a Stormtrooper?

Somebody get the Tums…

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