NEOH’s Sugar-Free Revolution: Smashing the Candy Cartel with a Sweet Uprising!

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In the sugary world of candy bars, a rebellion is being waged. At the helm of this sweet uprising is NEOH, a pioneer with a commitment to sugar-free deliciousness. Bernhard Klee, an Austrian, entrepreneur in Seattle wants to help Americans to eat better on the go.

NEOH tries to emulate the success of Red Bull, another Austrian export. In Austria NEOH bars already outsell Snickers and produce a variety of sweet products without sugar from cakes, wafers, bars all the way to chocolate bars and cookies. Bernhard Klee is a big admirer of Arnold Schwarzenegger and has exactly the same heavy accent.

The candy industry in America is a hard nut to crack. With the “sweet triad” of Hershey, Nestle, and Mars maintaining a tight grip on the market, penetrating this sugary fortress is a herculean task. Yet, in this maelstrom of sweetness, sugar has arguably become America’s biggest “recreational drug”. NEOH, however, offers the same sweet taste for anyone craving for something sweet without the subsequent blood sugar spike.

Contrary to the high-calorie, sugar-laden offerings of the candy mafia, NEOH prides itself on low-calorie, high-quality treats. With just 1 g of total sugar—and no impact on blood sugar—as well as top-notch, non-GMO ingredients (sourced from Europe), NEOH is a sweet revelation. Plus, with vegan caramel nut options available, it’s the ideal snack for all: vegans, keto followers, and diabetics alike.

Getting here hasn’t been a joyride, however. Bootstrapping his way through, Mr. Klee was thrown into a pit with the candy cartel, armed with nothing more than his green card lottery win, a resume that boasted a role in T-Mobile’s turnaround story, and an unyielding entrepreneurial spirit. NEOH almost said goodbye four times, yet survived and thrived to acquire 100,000 customers in just two years, while securing additional funding.

An underdog in the truest sense, NEOH turned obstacles into stepping stones, all while remaining rooted in its commitment to empowering its consumers. Its journey has dispelled the myth that healthy food can’t be delicious, offering no-compromise, scrumptious, and healthful snacking options. With NEOH, you no longer need to juggle health—and taste.

Want to know what makes NEOH bars stand out? Apart from being low in sugar and calories, they are packed with premium, non-GMO ingredients. Take for example, the vegan caramel nut flavor, it doesn’t just meet your dietary requirements, it also tantalizes your taste buds. And don’t forget, it’s a lifesaver for diabetics and keto followers with its minimal impact on blood sugar.

In the midst of the candy mafia, NEOH is challenging the status quo, NEOH is carving a healthier future for all candy lovers.

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