When the Los Angeles City Council approved a boycott of Arizona travel and business last month, the vote was almost unanimous, with only Valley Councilman Greig Smith going against the group. Who could blame the body? With nearly one in two people in L.A. being Latino, and strong union opposition to Arizona's controversial immigration law (it's hard to get elected in L.A. without labor's blessing), the move was somewhat of a no-brainer. Of course, not every political group under the City Hall umbrella agrees with the vote: LAist reports that the Greater Valley Glen Neighborhood Council has defied city leadership with its own take on the boycott …

The official neighborhood organization voted to oppose the council's action and tisk-tisk'd the body for meddling when it had bigger fish to fry (like a massive deficit, a reduction in police and fire services, and the worst roads in the nation).

” … the Mayor and Councilmember's time is better spent rectifying the problems in Los Angeles rather than meddling in the affairs of another state,” according to the neighborhood council's resolution.

LAist wonders aloud if other NCs, as they're called at City Hall, will follow suit.

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