Guess Alfred Kinsey — the famous sex researcher who said approximately one out of every 10 people is gay — was right…

The National Stonewall Democrats, an LGBT political organization, announced today that 8.15 percent of the delegates at next week's Democratic National Convention in North Carolina are gay — and most of them live in California.

Stonewall Democrats are hailing that fact as a “record-smashing” event, although it's pretty much what it should be if you go by Kinsey. But, hey, why not celebrate?

“What an amazing and inspiring convention this will be,” says Jerame Davis, executive director of National Stonewall Democrats, in a press statement.

Davis continues: “With over 530 LGBT participants identified for this year's convention, we not only set a new record for LGBT participation in a national convention, we have sent the clearest message possible that the Democratic Party is the party of inclusion.”

Now we're curious about the percentage of gay Republicans at this week's Republican National Convention in Florida?

And maybe along with Kinsey's “one-in-10” theory, there's another theory somewhere that says nine out of every 10 gays and lesbians are Democrats? Would be interesting to know.

We quickly looked for that statistic on the World Wide Web and couldn't find anything.

The National Stonewall Democrats broke down the LGBT numbers for next week's convention this way:

2012 Democratic National Convention LGBT Participation by the Numbers

* Total LGBT Participants: 534

LGBT Delegates: 486 (116.27% of goal; 8.15% of the 5,963 total delegates expected in Charlotte.)

LGBT Alternates: 23

LGBT Committee Members: 20

LGBT Pages: 5

* Jurisdictions that met or exceeded goal: 38

Jurisdictions that missed their goal: 15

Jurisdictions that met or exceeded their 2008 LGBT participation: 44

Transgender participants: 11 (7 delegates, 3 committee members, 1 alternate)

* Other notable facts

Three states are sending LGBT delegates for the first time:




– For the first time, all 50 states set numerical goals for LGBT delegates.

– For the first time, there will be at least one LGBT delegate from every state.

– The largest LGBT delegation is from California with 76 total LGBT participants.

– 6 States are sending 1 LGBT delegate (AK, ID, KS, MS, ND, VT)

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