We give this guy big points for figuring out a way — Hollywood comedy-flick-style — of getting on a football field unnoticed in order to perform his big prank:

Taking off most of his clothes and streaking just before halftime at UCLA's game against the University of Arizona in Tucson, a U of A fan ID'd as Jace Lankow dressed as a referee before stripping down to red-and-white underwear and streaking across the field.

All good. Unfortunately …

… for some reason the ensuing confusion caused by an otherwise properly dressed ref who happened to go nearly nude inspired at least a half-dozen players to scuffle and “brawl.”

The Tucson Citizen:

With four seconds remaining in the first half, a man dressed in referee's clothing ran onto the field toward the line of scrimmage blowing a whistle and waving his hands before taking off running and taking off clothes. As play halted to corral and rid of the man, three UCLA players and three Arizona players began to argue at close range without an official noticing.

The benches cleared and ESPN announcer said “mayhem has broken out.”

Arizona cornerback Shaquille Richardson and UCLA receiver Taylor Embree were ejected for “scuffling,” according to the paper, but more players could be sanctioned as officials look at the “tape.”

As for Lankow, he was taken away in cuffs. It's not clear if he'll be charged with suspicion of being a sexy ref.

Arizona beat UCLA, by the way, 48-12.


LA Weekly