Delonte West is an NBA player for the Cleveland Cavaliers (that, for you foodies, is the team with LeBron James on it). He's also a bit of an eccentric. So what happens when he's waiting in the car with his friend for 7 minutes at a KFC drive through? Well, he films himself freestyling about chicken, McDonald's, raspberry iced tea and Chipotle, of course.

You can watch the video here, but beware of the language, which is intended for adults. However, here is an excerpt from the song which appears to be called “Chi-Chipotle”.

“You know my cousin work here.

Got the hookup every year.

'Dis s**t they got the grilled chicken.

I get the combo package with original recipe. Uh.

And a parfait. Uh.

Strawberry, sometimes cho-co-late. Uh.

And the apple pies, macaroni cheese.

Raspberry what? Ice tea!

Got the big jug. Check my mug. Check my swag.

Put hot sauce in my bag.

Hot sauce in my bag…hot sauce in my bag…hot sauce in my bag…”

LA Weekly