The Lakers are NBA Champions again (not World Champions, as some teams like to claim), and there's a parade at 11 o'clock this morning to help commemorate that fact. But if you simply turned off the T.V. after game 7 and decided that you were done following basketball this year, you missed a few important things. First of all, Ron Artest wants to make sure you know that there's a new box of Wheaties out there with a picture of the entire 2010 Lakers team. Though more specifically, and to quote the man at his Thursday press conference, “I got Wheaties!” He also, it turns out, has a bottle of vodka.

Artest followed up The Greatest NBA Championship Press Conference Of All Time by appearing with a few of his teammates on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Friday. He was the most interestingly dressed of the guests, thanks to his purple-and-gold checkerboard pants, but also because he was sporing a cap promoting the SLS Hotel. So is Ron Artest a big José Andrés fan? Maybe — but at least we know Pau is.

Nonetheless, enjoy the aforementioned press conference — and if you do go to celebrate at the parade, just don't be a totally classless moron.

LA Weekly