A white-supremacist was injured when he was surrounded and beaten by some in a crowd of counter-protesters before a Nazi demonstration downtown Saturday. Los Angeles police rescued the man and pulled him from the violence. No one was arrested, but shortly after police issued a tactical alert, which allows officers citywide to be deployed beyond their shift times.

The drama happened before about 150 Nazi demonstrators were scheduled to take to the street in front of City Hall. Only about half that number showed up by 12:30 p.m., the march's start time, and they were out-shouted by about 500 counter-demonstrators, according to estimates from Los Angeles police.

The victim of the violence was described as a man with Nazi tattoos. He was seen bleeding from the head. Some of the counter-demonstrators beat him with their signs.

Those opposing the white supremacists shouted things such as “racists go home'' and “stop the Nazis.” The group that organized the white-power march was called the National Socialist Movement.

As the neo-Nazis gathered police in riot gear faced the angry crowd of counter-demonstrators. One man in that crowd said, “You're facing the wrong way, the hate's on that side.”

-With reporting from City News Service.

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