Navigating the Cannabis Space: Jason Vedadi on Strategy, Growth, and Story

Jason Vedadi 1

Those in the US cannabis industry have the unique responsibility of dealing with the delicate balance between legislative shifts, market expansions, and strategic buybacks. Entrepreneur Jason Vedadi has navigated this complex market for some time, entering the third act of his career in Story Cannabis. Founded in June 2022, Story Cannabis is operating in Arizona, Maryland, and Ohio, while getting ready to expand into New Jersey and beyond. He sees the opportunity within his reach and isn’t settling for the success he already has.

Jason Vedadi is ready to aspire to new levels in his cannabis career in spite of the slow-moving legislative allowances threatening to hold him back. Federal legislation took its sweet time coming to terms with cannabis, although it’s widely regarded as acceptable, especially when it comes to its medicinal properties and uses.

Jason always knew the value of this product. In 2008, he was cultivating his own cannabis plants in Washington state. He utilized his experience in real estate to expand into the Arizona market, founding the company, Modern Flower. This company merged with Harvest in 2017. After that, he founded Oasis Cannabis in Arizona, selling that to Ayr Strategies shortly after. He is currently onto his third cannabis business venture in the company, Story.

While Jason hoped to see more reform in cannabis legislation on the federal level, he’s proven his capability for working in accordance with individual states. Going into business with his close friend, Story Cannabis is a company primed to thrive in any legislative climate.

The strategy for Story is ambitious but achievable. Winning licenses is crucial to success and expansion, and Jason is an expert in the acquisition. Story announced the opening of four vertically integrated Nature’s Medicines dispensary locations in the Phoenix metro area in August. Jason also has his eyes on Texas and North Carolina, with no intentions of slowing down any time soon. He’s operating his business as if no change will occur on the Federal level, so if there is any forward movement, it will be taken as a pleasant surprise, far from being a necessary component to Story having a future and thriving. Story isn’t dependent on progress with Federal legislation. Jason already positioned the company to build continuous momentum, even if left to its own devices.

Jason says that legislation on a state level is becoming more predictable over time, allowing him to make well-informed decisions. He’s putting what he’s learned through years of experience into practice, never adding locations for the sake of quantitative growth, but focusing on the qualitative properties of his properties instead. By making sensible decisions, he is taking Story to the next level, scaling its success by working with the rules set state-by-state. We can all take something away from the example he sets, learning that success can be achieved independently if you focus on factors within your control. We’ll be keeping up with Jason Vedadi and Story Cannabis, and look forward to seeing his company shine despite any challenging circumstances.

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