You know certain people deserve permanent GPS trackers attached to their body parts — Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan.

But school kids?



Only in O.C. The Register reports this week that seventh and eighth grade students with four or more unexcused absences are getting mandatory GPS devices. It's part of …

… a six-week pilot program to see how it works. It's the first GPS-tracking system for public school students in California.

As part of the deal the kids get a weekday morning phone call reminding them to go to school. And then, five times a day, they have to enter a code on the device that lets it know they're on campus.

Oh joy. To be a kid these days. Good to know our public school kids are treated just slightly better than prisoners.

They also get a coach and volunteer monitors.

Remember when ditching class was an art form? Now it's science. We'll sure some bright 13-year-old will learn how to game this device. She'll be smoking a joint at the Block while her GPS says she's learning geography.

Good luck with that, Anaheim Union High School District.

LA Weekly