Putting the “fucking” back into their “Holy Fucking Shit” series of cracked celluloid, Cinefamily presents a series of screenings devoted to films involved with the most sincerely “interesting” pursuits of sexual intercourse, guaranteed to land smack in your spam folder should you ever try to e-mail your friends about the pulse-pounding, spine-shattering lineup. It all begins May 9 with Michael Mak's truly warped and sensual 1991 Cat III Hong Kong film Sex & Zen, in which Amy Yip marries a horny scholar who gets a horse penis transplant to better pleasure the women he seduces; she becomes a courtesan in a whorehouse and follows her own sexual star and it all ends in tears, surprise surprise. Subsequent shows include the late Gerard Damiano's literally softcore all-puppet 1976 porn Let My Puppets Come. Giving new meaning to the term “handjob,” the 41-minute film has puppet and human actors dealing with the mob and how to pay them — popular themes throughout Damiano's filmmaking career. Also: Revenge of the Cheerleaders (May 23) and the absolutely beautiful “Talking Genitals” double-feature on May 30: Pussy Talk and Chatterbox (both 1977). In the French-made Pussy Talk, the lovely Joëlle finds that her “vagin” has begun to speak and urge her to do unspeakably sexual things with friends and strangers; in 1977's Chatterbox, the late Candice Rialson's vagina talks and sings and shocks both the usually unshockable Rip Taylor and Professor Irwin Corey. That these movies might make you swear off sex entirely is a chance you'll have to take — because that's fucking, and it's not always as romantic as all that.

Sat., May 9, 10 p.m., 2009

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