Is it possible that our judicial system could mistakenly (or — unthinkable — purposely) imprison the innocent? You decide if American Indian activist Leonard Peltier was the victim of either at the screening of the 1992 film Warrior: The Life of Leonard Peltier. The backstory: When convicted of murdering two FBI agents during the 1975 Pine Ridge Reservation shoot-out, Peltier received a life sentence, which was denounced by Amnesty International and more than 50 members of Congress. Many linked the fact that his opposition to the U.S. government's plans for uranium mining and waste dumping on Indian reservations during the '70s might have influenced the guilty verdict. The film explores Peltier's experience with the American justice system. Postscreening, Ben Carnes, the national spokesperson for the Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee, will speak and answer questions.

Thu., Dec. 17, 7 p.m., 2009

LA Weekly