Fresh off a staggering surge of killings of high-profile anti-narco agents and investigators in Mexico, the latest big-time victim in the country's wild drug war is sure to bring even more retaliation bloodshed: the son of El Chapo, Mexico's most notorious narco kingpin, was gunned down on Thursday in Culiacan, the capital of Sinaloa. Edgar Guzman was hit with a barrage of bullets from AK-47 rifles in a shopping mall parking lot. A top money launderer for the Sinaloa cartel was also killed.

“Psychosis and fear grip Sinaloa” called the headline for the lead story in Sunday's El Universal. The story describes a city that felt like a ghost town on Saturday — despite it being Mother's Day in Mexico — as news of Edgar Guzman's murder spread. Several upcoming concerts, including a scheduled show by Los Tigres del Norte, have been canceled. On Sunday, a cousin of El Chapo was captured after a fierce shootout, and, in this piece, the paper notes that narcojunior Edgar Guzman was an open personality on the Internet, using his own name to defend his father on blogs. There's even a corrido about the guy. Here it is:

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