We love meat. We love naked people.

Put them together and you have a PETA protest. (Only in L.A.)

The animal rights group is targeting Farmer John and its pig slaughtering operation (mmm, pig) in Vernon near downtown tomorrow.

And get this:

Demonstrators will be “lying naked on large trays and covered with clear plastic” in order to “mimic typical meat packages,” according to a statement from PETA.

(Gosh, this sounds like something Vivid Entertainment would do.)

But what everyone wants to know is, will Olivia Munn will be there? Apparently not, a spokesman tells the Weekly. But he advised that these things are always interesting.

Munn makes you want to go vegan.; Credit: PETA

Munn makes you want to go vegan.; Credit: PETA

So what's their problem with the tasty pork products of Farmer John? PETA:

… The slaughterhouse is surrounded by a mural depicting contented pigs frolicking in green pastures when in reality the animals are raised in filthy and abusive factory farms and suffer virtually every day of their lives.

Protesters will be displaying “Meat Is Murder” signs, according to the group. We will be counterprotesting with “Carnitas are muy yummy” signs.

PETA campaigns manager Ashley Byrne:

We are challenging people to think hard about what 'meat' is. When you eat flesh, you're eating the corpse of an abused animal who did not want to die. We're encouraging kind consumers to try going vegan.

Gosh, vegans are so boring.

Anyway, all the magic happens at noon tomorrow at E. Vernon Avenue and S. Soto Street. Bring a camera. And juicy, dripping tacos.

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