California nail salons will be allowed to reopen indoors in all counties, as Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly announced the new statewide regulation, Tuesday.

Nail salons have often been the last to reopen when new COVID-19 regulations have released, as Governor Gavin Newsom it said it was a sector with highest risk of Coronavirus transmission.

Now, with a unified reopening tier system in place, California has deemed it safe, as it did with barbershops and hair salons on August 28.

While the state has given permission for nail salons to reopen, Los Angeles has not yet announced if it would be following suit. When the state allowed barbershops and hair salons to reopen, Los Angeles County did not officially comply until five days later.

“People ask me on an ongoing basis, ‘Why the slow and stringent approach?'” Dr. Ghaly said. “We want to be slow and stringent so as we move forward we can be best prepared in case we see some increase in transmission – that it doesn’t cause us to take one giant step backward.”

Dr. Ghaly also announced that nine counties in the state would be moving down in risk level as they have met the new case and positivity rate criteria.

Los Angeles will remain in the highest risk level, although the county has seen two consecutive days of new cases under 1,000, logging in a total of 810 on Tuesday.

L.A. County would have two see fewer than 10,000 cases in a 14-day period in order to move down in risk level.

“Public Health is heartened that Los Angeles County has met the thresholds that may allow us in the near future to move into Tier 2 of California’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy,” Barbara Ferrer, Director of Los Angeles Public Health said. “We plan to closely monitor our data to understand how effectively we are slowing the spread of COVID-19 after the Labor Day holiday and the impact of re-opening schools for high need students and re-opening hair salons for indoor operations.”

LA Weekly