North Hollywood-based Nacional Records will release a Chile benefit album featuring tracks from their eclectic Chilean artists later this week.

The independent label serves up some forward-thinking, genre-bending rock, electro, and rap from nearly everywhere Spanish is spoken. Their roster features a strong lineup spanning from Tijuana to the tip of Chile, from which they will highlight the diverse sounds coming from the quake-ravaged country.

According to Nacional, some of their family experienced the quake personally:

“Nacional founder Tomas Cookman was in Chile with Los Fabulosos Cadillacs for Vina del Mar when the earthquake occurred. Fortunately no one in the band was injured but Tomas does have a bruised leg. The group ended up taking a van across the Andes back to Argentina so they were able to witness the devastation firsthand. Latin Bitman was DJing a massive party when the earthquake occurred. He escaped but within minutes, he noticed that the ceiling had caved exactly where he had been playing.”

The benefit album will be available later this week at Nacional Records, and features the bossa nova remixer Latin Bitman, Senor Coconut's irresistible groove, Django jazz aficionados Angel Parra Trio, and the anthemic electro crew RH+. Phenomenal Chilean rapper Ana Tijoux also joins the album, despite being extremely busy: She organized two benefit concerts featuring 35 artists across Santiago's hip hop community and is preparing for her U.S. debut in at SXSW and at L.A.'s Little Temple on March 23rd. For those unfamiliar with the diverse music of Chile, this compilation is a good starting point for a good cause.

Full track listing and Chilean sonic sampler after the jump.

Soon, we will post the link to the benefit album, or you can check in with Nacional Records

Nacional's Chile Benefit Track Listing:

Run Run Se Fue Pa'l Norte – Francisca Valenzuela

Mar Adentro – Ana Tijoux

Maldigo De Alto Cielo – Gonzalo Yanez

Pajaro Muerto – Primavera De Parra

Cerrar Y Abrir – Los Tres

Shine – Latin Bitman

Ausencia – Javiera Mena

Llueve Sobre La Cuidad – Los Bunkers

Curb – RH+

La Vida Es Ll De Cables – Senor Coconut

La Jardinera – Angel Parra Trio

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