There's an old Louis Black stand-up rant where he theorizes that all the candy corn that was ever made was created in 1911 — and it simply gets recycled by the candy corn companies year after year, like the Halloween version of the eternally forwarded Christmas fruitcake.

Yes, candy corn sucks. Especially when you eat too much of it (which is really any amount greater than one). But the candy scientists over at the National Confectioner's Association report that nearly 20 million pounds of the stuff is sold each year. Who is buying all that candy corn?

It appears that at least some of it was used by the marketing wizards over at Nabisco, who have finally found a purpose for some of the surplus candy corn in the world: Stuff if inside an Oreo. These new orange-and-yellow candy corn flavored Oreos are going to be sold exclusively at Target starting Sept.10, and it seems that they have already begun to create an Internet maelstrom akin to the KFC Double-Down.

We'll report back as soon as we sample a batch, but our early hypothesis is that they're going to taste terrible. If there's one thing worse than candy corn filling, it's a vanilla flavored Oreo cookie (chocolate or bust!). If you see an elderly woman handing out candy corn Oreos this Halloween, take your children and run.

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