It seems the journalists at the Venice Patch “shopper” finally set foot outside the office today, and get a load of the natural wonders they stumbled upon:

Ready? A Monarch butterfly sanctuary on Pacific Avenue and 29th Avenue in Venice!

Street View does show some sign of public space/shrubbery at what the author calls a “rundown public lot,” but so far, we haven't been able to make out any magical fluttering wings. Gahh, why is there no zoom on Street View?? OK, so we don't get out much, either.

After he notices some quaint wooden steps and a fresh crop of flowers, delighted “columnist” Paul M. J. Suchecki describes with awe the sanctuary that has been born of another human's kindness:

“Closer examination showed a sign describing the park … as a monarch butterfly sanctuary to feed them and offer them a place to rest and breed on their annual 3,000 mile migration to Mexico. There are dozens of milkweed plants, vital nourishment for Monarch larvae.”

Seeing as Suchecki couldn't seem to sniff out the Hands of God who crafted this beaut, he instead offered a toast, thanking them for doing right by “the littlest and most vulnerable creatures among us.” (What about the rare and endangered whitefly? Under siege, we say, with no sanctuary in sight.)

In all seriousness: Thanks, butterfly saviors, for giving homes to the hungry and jobless ex-caterpillars of the world. And thanks, Venice Patch, for a touching story on an otherwise pretty shitty day.

LA Weekly