News Corp., the owners of MySpace, announced plans to relaunch the waning site with a focus on younger users, a company representative told LA Weekly. At the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen recently News Corp. chief digital officer Jon Miller made this stunning announcement about the social networking site:

“It's still around.”

It's alive!

But seriously folks, we're rooting for MySpace because it's based locally, in Beverly Hills, and, despite rumors, will remain there for the foreseeable future, our rep told us. The relaunch is scheduled for late fall, the rep said, with some features being rolled out before then.

It might be a little disconcerting to parents concerned about the rash of news about MySpace predators who allegedly prey on underage girls on the site: MySpace is, in fact, going to lower its aim to refocus on the 13-34 demographic, the representative said.

It's not a bad move on MySpace's part: After Facebook opened up to non-college students in 2006 it has become downright geezerly, with the average user reported to be (gasps for oxygen) … 44. Holy MILF. Facebook has 500 million users. MySpace states it gets 60 to 70 million unique visitors a month.

But MySpace seems to — as Jon Miller said — still be around with the kids these days. For whatever reason — more photos and personalization for MySpace pages? — the social network thrives for jail bait the underage.

And now that your aunt and mom are on Facebook, MySpace almost feels like a club for the young that has put up generational walls. I mean, you don't want your uncle (or at least your real uncle) knowing about your weekend rave exploits, right?


LA Weekly