The dynamic local duo known as MYNX mesh art, fashion and hard-hitting electro beats in a way that's utterly shameless and self-conscious and sexy. They may not be changing the world (don't tell them that), but there's something charming about this pose-y pair, their bravado and lack of restraint. It's dance music with rock n' roll attitude. Natives Angelenos might scoff at their signature tune “I'm So LA” from a couple of years ago, which plays on the city's phony-people clichés, but they get a lot of the absurdities and facades right on (“Air-kiss everyday”). Plus, they're real video vamps. The twosome are so sassy n' seductive, “So LA” has spawned a slew of fan clips on YouTube. See these here and the original vid below, along with some choice bites from a brief Q&A with the group's Ara Thorose and Holly Lovecat below. Their first release, the EP, Out of Sight, Out of Mind is out now, and they'll be at Mustache Mondays' new live music shindig this Sat., June 27 at the Echoplex.


Ara: I grew up in front of the MTV. It was pop music all the way – in my teens I started getting into rock music, and discovered the Hollywood club scene – clubs like Cherry and Make-up. It was glam rock all the way – and it made a big impression on me. All of that plays a big part in what we do now.

Holly: I come from a rock' n roll family, had a brief teen pop idol period, and then went headlong into the club and rave world as a DJ. I was all over the map through my teens and twenties modeling, and clubs were my home. I came back to the states and started deejaying in the rave scene.

How they met-

Holly: We met on the set of a music video – we were both modeling. And then we just kept running into each other.

I also had a music project in the works. The producer of that project liked Ara's lyrics and asked if he'd work on some material for us. We were both like “Wow, we sound really good together! We gotta do something together some time.”


Ara: MYNX music is like a fusion of pop, electro, and rock. I think the actual performance Holly and I bring to it is like nothing else out there. Some people compare us to B-52s, but I think that's' only cause you've got a guy and a girl singing – and its fun. We heart B-52s by the way. We're more like a Syd and Nancy of disco, or as I like to call us “the two headed beast of pop.”

Satire, social commentary or pure celebration of excess?

Holly: It's definitely equal parts. We love all the excess and glamour of the L.A. lifestyle, but we're not blind to the flip side of that. We celebrate that too.

Ara: We've got something to say, but we don't take it too seriously. If you can't say it with humor, you might be kinda boring. And if you're boring, MYNX will call your ass out!

I'm from LA and I actually do know someone who knows Angelyne. Do you?

Holly: Yes actually! We actually have a few mutual friends.

Ara: My friend went on a date with Angelyne. He's not into blonds, and wasn't up for it, but I begged him to do it. “Do it for me!” I said. Anyway, halfway through the date, he tracked me down, and handed her off to me. We danced together and it was amazing.

Whatcha do when not making music?

Ara: Whether I'm performing and making music or not, I'm always MYNXing. When I'm putting together an outfit I'm gonna wear that night, I'm MYNXing. When I stop and check my hair in a store front window, I'm MYNXing. It never ends.

While conducting this Q&A, news broke of Michael Jackson's passing. As fans of colorful video imagery and retro dance culture, MYNX are obviously MJ followers. Of the music star's passing they had this to say:

Ara: Michael Jackson is my hero. Growing up was really hard. The world of Michael Jackson was my escape. I would come home from school and lock myself in my room and stare at my Michael Jackson walls, listen to Michael Jackson music, dance Michael Jackson dances in front of the mirror. (Many of us did! -LL) I just can't believe this news. It's devastating.

MYNX will be dedicating its entire show Saturday to the King of Pop.

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