I’m tired of all the things I usually cook. Probably because we’ve spent so much time eating at home this year. I long for new tastes and variety. And for less time spent in the kitchen (seriously, it’s time to break up with my stove). This is why I’m so obsessed with cheese boards and grazing tables right now. Everyone can get exactly what they want to eat in one cute set-up and you can easily combine dinner and dessert.

Cheese Boards To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

I’m a big fan of Lucky Graze and the beautiful grazing tables and cheese boards they create for events. I’ve picked up a few tips from their boards for creating a great spread for people who love sweets.

  1. Gather all of your favorite fruits. I like to include a mix of fresh and dried fruit, grapes, oranges, dates, figs, dried apricots, banana chips, kiwi, apples, and all of the berries.
  2. Think about your favorite nuts. Almonds, pistachios, cashews, walnuts. I love them all! Nuts are a great companion to fruits and they bring some protein to your board.


  3. You can’t call it a cheese board without cheese, right? For a sweet board, I tend to go with goat cheese and brie, and then I like to add in some blue cheese and cheddar. The stronger flavors are great to break up the sweetness.
  4. Crackers are a cheese board staple, but for a sweet board I like to include pretzels and sweet waffles. Danish can also be a great addition, especially if you are planning your board for brunch.
  5. Add some honey and a couple of tasty jams.
  6. Finish it off with chocolate.

Make sure you fill the board up as you assemble. The casual overlapping of items completes the fancy look. You are now ready to have friends over or you can just enjoy with your family!

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